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Cleaning system gets upgrade

Issue: September 2018

VacuClean Schwing’s thermal vacuum pyrolysis system is used to remove plastic from extruder screws, blown film die heads and machine parts. The fully automatic system has an electrically heated vacuum chamber that heats up slowly to initially melt and drain off most of the adhering polymer; any remaining polymer decomposes at around 840 degrees Fahrenheit and oxidation subsequently removes any residual carbon. The process takes eight to 30 hours and doesn’t harm the parts. VacuClean comes in two models, for horizontal or vertical loading, and a variety of sizes to accommodate parts of different sizes and weights, with a maximum part length of 19.7 feet.

What’s new? Several upgrades. VacuClean systems now have a larger and more intuitive touch panel with a network connection, allowing for digital system documentation in the cloud. A fully electronic flow meter measures catalyst supply air and automatically transfers data to the control unit. A new, multicolored signal light informs users of operating status.

Benefits Readiness for Industry 4.0. and predictive maintenance capabilities. For example, the system’s OPC-UA interface archives all machine data and allows for integrated fault monitoring.

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