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Chem-Pak improves its repair coating

Issue: September 2018

Per-Fix Color Match This flaw-repair coating from Chem-Pak is used to fix cosmetic surface flaws in colored parts made from PP, thermoplastic olefin, ABS, PC, PVC, nylon and other resins. It comes in an aerosol can or in liquid form for application via spray gun. To match the exact color and finish, customers send a part to Chem-Pak, which creates a sample for trial and customer approval. Once approved, the Color Match coating can be commercially manufactured in four weeks. Per-Fix Color Match meets regulations in the U.S., Canada and Mexico for volatile organic compounds and maximum incremental reactivity limits. It has a one-year shelf life.

What’s new? A complete reformulation of the product, as well as an ergonomic spray tip for the aerosol version.

Benefits Faster, easier repair of molding defects, which reduces scrap rates. The reformulated version provides better UV- and mar-resistance, enhanced matching of color and gloss, and improved coverage of severe defects. Also, the new spray tip offers improved atomization for seamless blending.

Chem-Pak Inc., Martinsburg, W.Va., 304-262-1880, www.chem-pak.com