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Bagger unit gains improved speed, safety

Issue: May 2018

BM Series And&Or’s upgraded series of automatic baggers arranges blow molded containers into layers and automatically bags them using rolls of heat-shrinkable film. The series has a range of models to handle single or multiple lanes of bottles and various bag sizes and line speeds. BM Series baggers are available as standalone units or can include bagging, tray pack and slip sheet palletizing in one line.

What’s new? Numerous features, including servo-motorized movements, stainless steel guides and a multi-lane infeed option.

Benefits Increased speed, safety, higher precision and a compact footprint. With multi-lane infeed, BM Series baggers can handle up to 55,000 bottles per hour. The enclosure design improves operator safety, and has transparent PET doors so internal operations can be monitored.

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