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Axel's mold release agent improves the flow of resin

Issue: November 2017

INT-33CFW This new mold-release agent from Axel is targeted at bottle caps, closures, lids and other food containers made from PE and PP; additional applications may include other thermoplastics requiring FDA compliance. The blend of modified polymers, organic fatty amides and waxes is available in powder or pellet formulations and does not affect the color or smell of the molded product.

What’s new? The mold-release agent.

Benefits Improved resin flow, reduced friction and better torque-release properties. Also, INT-33CFW is FDA compliant under Title 21 CFR 177.1210, which pertains to closures with sealing gaskets for food containers.

Axel Plastics Research Laboratories Inc., Monroe, Conn., 203-590-2000, www.axelplastics.com