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Asyril part feeder orients and sorts very small items

Issue: December 2017

Asycube 530 Designed for use with pick-and-place automation involving small parts, Asyril’s portfolio of vibratory feeder systems has been expanded, with the addition of Asycube 530. Asycube 530 uses three-axis, voice-coil-based technology to separate and orient parts measuring from 30mm to up to 150mm, depending on their shape. The number in the product name represents the diagonal length of the vibrating part tray in millimeters — making it about 21 inches across the diagonal. In the U.S., a network of distributors represents Asyril.

What’s new? The part feeder, which Asyril presented for the first time in North America at Automate 2017 in Rosemont, Ill. It now is available for shipping.

Benefits Orientation of even the most challenging parts, including miniature springs, gears and other entwined or very small parts. Compared with other technologies, the feeder system is gentler to parts.

Asyril SA, Villaz-Saint-Pierre, Switzerland, 41-26-653-71-90, www.asyril.com