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Apex tool debuts tough hoist hooks

Issue: August 2018

Campbell swivel hoist hooks Apex Tool Group’s new swivel hoist hooks for rigging and lifting applications are part of the company’s Campbell brand. They feature a heavy-duty latch and spring assembly that is designed for extreme durability. The heavy-gauge steel latch has a reinforcing rib to provide rigidity and is finished in yellow chromate for corrosion resistance. A double-strength spring securely holds the latch against the hook. The hoist hooks have dual-forged support bosses, providing lateral support for precise alignment of the latch and hook. The swivel hoist hooks come in either carbon or alloy steel and have load limits ranging from 1,500 pounds to 22 tons. Shown is an 11-ton alloy-steel swivel hoist hook.

What’s new? The hooks and their forged markings. Each hook has two types of markings: a latch code to make it simpler to order a replacement latch, and 45-degree guide markings on both sides. The guide markings help users to safely use two-leg lifting slings by keeping the angles of the legs within safe limits. Also, the company says these are the toughest swivel hoist hooks in the Campbell brand.

Benefits Durability. The strong, long-lasting hooks are easy to use and designed to stand up to rigorous lifting and rigging applications.

Apex Tool Group LLC, Sparks, Md., 410-773-7800, www.apextoolgroup.com