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Air gun from Exair features control trigger

Issue: November 2017

VariBlast Exair’s new compact air gun features a variable-flow trigger, which allows the operator to control the force of the air by squeezing the trigger. The air gun, which can be used for cleaning a wide variety of surfaces and work areas, is suited for light- to medium-duty applications requiring forces up to 1 pound. It features a cast aluminum body and can be used with any of Exair’s 1/8 national pipe thread taper (NPT) air nozzles, which come in versions offering resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and mechanical wear. There is also a version made of a non-marring thermoplastic. VariBlast guns are available with chip shields; extension pipes up to 6 feet long for hard-to-reach areas are optional.

What’s new? The air gun.

Benefits Safe, ergonomic operation and efficient use of compressed air. The lightweight, durable device operates at a maximum of 82 A-weighted decibels, and its nozzle is designed to prevent complete obstruction of the air outlet holes, in compliance with OSHA standard 1910.242(b).

Exair Corp., Cincinnati, 513-671-3322, www.exair.com/index.php/products/air-guns/variblast.html?pub=182