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3-D scanner software is updated

Issue: January 2019

Artec Studio 13 Artec 3D’s newest version of its 3-D scanning and data processing software works with a variety of 3-D scanners from Artec and other makers, including some discontinued models.

What’s new? The update, which debuted in September. The new version’s X-Ray mode turns high-density raw scan data into semi-transparent images prior to entering the processing stage, making it easier to work with complex geometries or check for holes or misalignments. 3D Radar mode displays data capture images in different colors in real time, turning them green when the user holds the scanner at an optimal distance.

Benefits Speed and image quality. Since Artec’s release of a previous 3-D scanner model, the company has doubled the speed of global registration, allowing work to flow more quickly. The Artect Studio 13 can balance dark and bright surfaces so details stand out better. It also can display more vibrant colors in 3-D model textures.

Artec 3D, Santa Clara, Calif., 669-292-5611, www.artec3d.com