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Unique agitator setup enhances 500-gallon mixer

Issue: June 2018

VMC-500 Charles Ross & Son Co. recently shipped a 500-gallon multishaft mixer with a special combination of agitators. The new mixer, part of its VersaMix line, has air casters to make moving its mixing vessel easier, and features an explosion-proof operator station.

What’s new? The combination of an anchor agitator with helical flights and a screw-auger agitator.

Benefits Fast powder wet out, efficient product turnover and thorough deagglomeration. The mixer is meant for processing medium- to high-viscosity materials measuring up to 500,000 centipoise. Its PLC has recipe controls and data acquisition capabilities.

Charles Ross & Son Co., Hauppauge, N.Y., 631-234-0500, www.mixers.com