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Triple-shaft mixer has many upgrades

Issue: January 2019

VMC-150 This customized 150-gallon, triple-shaft mixer from Charles Ross features three independently operable agitators. The agitators can include a high-speed sawtooth dispersing blade, a three-wing anchor and a high-shear rotor/stator.

What’s new? Customized modifications to the VersaMix. Recently, Charles Ross provided a version, shown below, to a customer featuring a host of upgrades. They included special automation and safety functions, as well as the incorporation of a helical auger screw for submerging floating agglomerates. In addition, the customized model has six pneumatic clamps rated for 4,000 pounds each for remote locking of the mixing vessel to the mixer cover. The sides and bottom of the mixing vessel are jacketed and insulated for a maximum temperature of 250 degrees Fahrenheit and pressures of up to 100 pounds per square inch gauge.

Benefits Greater ease of use. Featuring advanced safety and control functions, the newest version of the VMC-150 allows for the automated feeding of powders and liquids. Also, its agitators are easier to access and clean.

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