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Thermal Care chillers get enhanced controls

Issue: April 2018

Accuchiller TSE Thermal Care has upgraded the control system on its Accuchiller TSE line of central chillers with its Dynamic Lift technology, which offers more stable control over refrigerant pressure, especially under changing load and condenser-inlet temperatures.

What’s new? Dynamic Lift technology now is standard on the whole line.

Benefits Increased efficiency and energy savings. The Accuchiller’s new controller constantly calculates the lowest possible refrigerant pressure to increase efficiency, and it also offers direct control over remote condenser fans or condenser water-regulating valves for added savings. The company estimates that users will see a 25 percent decrease in part-load chiller energy usage at a set point of 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thermal Care Inc., Niles, Ill., 847-966-2260, www.thermalcare.com