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System combines drying, temp control, conveying

Issue: April 2018

DryTemp+ Novatec’s new DryTemp+ combines its own press-side NovaWheel drying/conveying units with Sentra mold temperature controls from Advantage Engineering Inc., Greenwood, Ind. The icon-driven, 7-inch color touch-screen PLC controls all drying, conveying, mold temperature settings and alarms. The unit is capable of single- or dual-mold temperature control and features OverDry protection for sensitive materials and a dew-point analyzer with alarm. It provides drying temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and has separate process and regeneration blowers. An Advantage AVT modulating valve ensures precise temperature control and resists plugging.

What’s new? The single-point management of mold temperature control, drying and conveying in one device.

Benefits Space savings, low cost of ownership and easy-to-use controls. Users simply touch the icons on the control to access related screens and don’t have to worry about using codes or function buttons. A dewpoint of minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit is guaranteed. DryTemp+ minimizes energy consumption by continually adjusting heater and air temperatures; it also alerts the operator when it’s time to change filters. Because it is compatible with USB bar code scanners, users can scan their molds and material containers for mistake-proof setup. Also, it comes with a five-year warranty.

Novatec Inc., Baltimore, 410-789-4811, www.novatec.com