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Plastixs linked-valve allows for customization

Issue: April 2018

Linked-Valve Plastixs’ system of linkages can be installed onto stock manifolds and allows a single lever to operate both mold-cooling supply and return lines simultaneously. It is available for use on the company’s 1-inch and 1.5-inch compact stainless-steel manifolds, as well as 1-inch and 1.5-inch Smartflow aluminum manifolds from Burger & Brown Engineering Inc., Grandview, Mo. For easy replacement, it uses standard supply-and-return ball valves.

What’s new? The product, which is making its debut.

Benefits Convenience. Linked-Valve allows for customization of the circuit size. With a single lever, operators can actuate supply and return valves from a single side of the manifold assembly. They are no longer limited by the number of allowed water circuits. With Linked-Valve, users can place manifolds in tighter spaces without worrying about blocking access to the valve levers. The system ensures that both the supply and return valves of a mold-cooling circuit are either both open or both closed. It also prevents accidental spills by blocking access to couplers when the valves are open and ensuring both valves are closed before coupler removal.

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