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Mitsui MJ5-i dryer gains enhanced control panel

Issue: August 2017

MJ5-i Matsui has upgraded its MJ5-i desiccant resin dryer, which can reduce energy consumption by as much as 75 percent, compared to conventional dryers that run continuously. When the resin reaches the ideal temperature and moisture level, the dryer automatically reduces power, preventing overheating. The MJ5-i features cyclonic filtering and combines a dehumidifying dryer and vacuum loader into one space-saving device.

What’s new? The control panel, which has numerous enhanced features. The panel is designed to convey more information on a single screen; for example, the drying status screen displays overall system status, temperatures and confirmation of desiccant rotor rotation. The main screen shows the set point, actual temperatures, current power consumption and power buttons for the dryer and material feed system. The control panel audibly confirms when new settings are selected.

Benefits User-friendliness. Users can easily and quickly program the dryer for one or multiple hoppers. Also, the display is brighter and sharper than previous models, allowing for clear viewing, even in well-lit areas.

Matsui America Inc., Hanover Park, Ill., 847-290-9680, www.matsuiamerica.com