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Microgel chiller/TCUs gain upgrades

Issue: April 2018

Microgel Frigel has updated its Microgel line of machine-side chiller/temperature control units (TCUs).

What’s new? Variable-frequency drives (VFDs) and optional features. The systems’ pumps now are powered by VFDs. Optional digital flow meters display the precise water flow required by each mold. Another optional feature permits Microgel units to operate using potentially contaminated water from open cooling towers by incorporating inlet strainers to filter out most impurities. TCUs with this  option also detect pressure changes in the condensers and alert users to clean them before they fail. Additionally, Microgel TCUs recently became available with an updated digital control system.

Benefits The VFDs provide optimal process cooling control and energy savings. In conjunction with the new controls, the digital flow meters provide processors with the information they need to optimize the performance of their molds.

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