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Latest controller has improved pump, heating

Issue: August 2016

Tempro plus D120/1-L Mold temperature controllers in the Tempro plus D series from Wittmann Battenfeld come with a wide variety of options, making it possible to adapt them to nearly any plastics processing application. Options include cyclical system water replacement, separate cooling and filling, an automatic pump bypass and temperature-controlled cooling water bypass. Users also can select different pump and heat outputs. The newest model, D120/1-L, is a single-zone controller that uses water as the tempering medium, handling temperatures ranging up to 248 degrees Fahrenheit.

What’s new? Larger pump and heating capacities, and a new touch-screen display. The pump for the D120/1-L is rated for a maximum pressure of 5.9 bar and a flow rate of 74 gallons per minute. The heating capacity is 36 kilowatts.

Benefits Faster mold heating and cooling, and better heat transfer compared to earlier models.

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