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Delta T offering new water-cooled chillers

Issue: February 2018

Water-cooled chillers Delta T has released a new line of variable- speed, water-cooled chillers with capacities ranging from 2 tons to 30 tons. Able to maintain temperatures with an accuracy of 0.5 degree, these compact, Industry 4.0-ready chillers can be connected either to a city-provided water source or a cooling tower.

What’s new? The line of chillers, which became available in November.

Benefits Lower costs, reduced power consumption and less required maintenance. All of the models in the series use a modulating control valve, a variable-speed compressor, an electronic expansion valve, and an advanced control to optimize efficiency. The energy savings alone can provide a 100 percent return on investment in as little as three years, and the line’s use of a stainless steel, copper-brazed plate evaporator minimizes maintenance requirements.

Delta T Systems, Richfield, Wis., 800-733-4204, www.deltatsys.com