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Chillers get more power, new compressors

Issue: April 2018

I-RES/I-RESW Frigosystem’s upgraded air-cooled (I-RES) and water-cooled (I-RESW) chillers have extended the line’s range of cooling capacity. They feature centrifugal compressors with magnetic levitation devices, digital control of the rotor’s speed and stepless compressor speed variation to handle varying loads efficiently. Go Trade North America is the Frigosystem branch office that supports sales and service in the U.S.

What’s new? The range of power offered by the new Model 500 compressor, in combination with heat exchangers with larger exchange surfaces that operate more efficiently.

Benefits Energy and cost savings due to efficient operation. The helicoidal fans use electronic switching and offer more than 90 percent efficiency. The water-cooled range of the I-RESW (shown) is 60 percent more efficient than traditional chillers, with a European Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio of 9.52 kilowatts.

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