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Chillers enhanced by Wi-Fi, better mobility

Issue: K in Focus November 2016

Microgel Frigel has updated its Microgel line of machine-side chiller/temperature-control units with advanced controls.

What’s new? The integration of the chillers with the 3PR control technology and Wi-Fi and Ethernet connectivity that had been previously available only on the company’s Ecodry adiabatic central cooling systems. The new controls and touch-screen display provide complete monitoring of chiller operations, as well as access to related data.

Benefits True mobility, and easier maintenance. With their new wireless-internet connectivity, the Microgel units can be used anywhere in a plant. The connectivity makes using the units, which are often located in hard-to-access areas, even easier. In addition, the technology, which includes an onboard troubleshooting guide, archives data about machine-service issues, which Frigel can access to help resolve customers’ problems.

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