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Take-away unit gains faster cycle times

Issue: May 2018

MTM 2001D MTM’s newly upgraded 2001D take-away system has reduced overall motion to achieve faster cycle times, without any additional strain on the drive system. It was designed for Bekum’s “H” series but will work with other shuttle-type blow molders.

What’s new? The company redesigned its controls and some mechanicals to achieve sub-9-second cycle times. There are upgraded Allen-Bradley PLC and servo motion control systems.

Benefits Upgraded gearboxes are faster, handle more torque and come with a three-year warranty. An overhead wiring duct system eliminates trip hazards. The overall length of the unit can be shortened by as much as 14 inches to meet customer needs.

MTM Systems, St. Louis, 314-567-3100, www.lectroengineering.com