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System handles resin in rail cars

Issue: June 2018

Railcar Unloading (RCU) controller Conair’s RCU controller is designed to monitor and manage the unloading and storage of rail-car loads of resin. The controller is available as an option for Conair’s FLX-128 Plus materials-handling control system or as a stand-alone control package. Using one touch screen, any authorized user can view and manage rail-car unloading, silo selection, material routing and silo filling. The controller can manage up to five rail-car unloading systems, up to five airlocks, up to 12 multi-position valves and the receiving, filling and level-monitoring operations of as many as 30 silos.

What’s new? The controller, which Conair says is an industry first. It made its debut at NPE2018.

Benefits Time and labor savings. The controller is easy to configure and streamlines operations; workers no longer need to manually monitor and operate numerous dedicated equipment controls at the rail siding or various locations in the plant.

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