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Wittmann Battenfeld's G-Max granulator series is expanded, saves energy

Issue: September 2017

G-Max 23 Wittmann Battenfeld has expanded its G-Max series of compact blade granulators with the introduction of the G-Max 23. Used for the closed-loop recycling of sprues from injection molding machines, the granulator can be moved easily from one press to another. Instead of a fixed control panel, the granulator has a remote control with a connecting cable about 10 feet long, which allows the operator to use it from outside of a protective housing. An optional shut-down feature stops the granulator automatically when the press isn’t running to save energy. Additionally, the rotor’s design allows for unrestricted airflow through the cutting chamber, making the G-Max 23 suited for handling heat-sensitive resins and sprues that are still warm.

What’s new? The size. The G-Max 23 completes the company’s G-Max line. It is designed for machines with clamping forces up to 265 tons and has a throughput of 176 pounds per hour. The other machines in the line, the G-Max 12 and G-Max 33, have hourly throughputs of 110 pounds and 242.5 pounds, respectively.

Benefits Low energy consumption and quiet operation, due to the insulated cutting chamber. Additionally, the stainless-steel collection bin has a sensor and alarm to avoid overfilling.

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