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Split-A-Part shredder features smaller rotor size

Issue: June 2017 Plastics Recycling

This story appeared in the second edition of Plastics Recycling magazine in June 2017.

30-inch Eagle shredder: Republic Machine has expanded its portfolio of shredders that feature the Split-A-Part option. Each of the Eagle shredders has a single-piece, solid, forged rotor and reversible counterknives that can be resharpened. An open-architecture Allen-Bradley programmable logic controller (PLC) and an over-torque-limiting clutch, which protects the drivetrain, also are included. Options include replaceable cutting tool holders and customizable control systems for infeed conveyors and outfeed devices. A bigger version of the Eagle shredder, with a 54-inch rotor, is shown at right.

What’s new? The rotor size. At 30 inches wide, the rotor is the smallest of the Eagle offerings, which previously were offered in sizes ranging from 42 inches to 78 inches. The model represents an upgrade over Republic’s comparably sized Falcon shredders, which do not come in Split-A-Part versions. Designed specifically for a hose manufacturer, the first of the 30-inch Eagle shredders shipped several months ago. It featured a 50-horsepower motor; depending on the application, units of the same size also can run on 30-horsepower motors.

Benefits: Easier access for cleaning and maintenance. The Split-A-Part option allows users easier access to the shredder. Operators of a Split-A-Part Eagle can enter the machine without climbing inside of it, a procedure that requires a confined-space permit in some areas.

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