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Size reducer grinds linear plastic scrap

Issue: April 2018

VTH 65 Combining the functionality of a guillotine, shredder and granulator, Vecoplan’s latest size reducer is especially designed for grinding linear plastic scrap. Frequency-controlled top and bottom feed rollers grip and stabilize long scrap, feeding it at optimal rates at a precise angle into the rotor and two counter knives. The rotor has embedded cutting inserts.

What’s new? The machine, a new size in the VTH line. Shown is a VTH 45, a smaller machine on which the VTH 65 is based.

Benefits The production of 3-D regranulate with a proportionately low quantity of fines. The machine’s design allows for the easy loading of materials, including extremely long parts. Built for easy maintenance, the grinder offers convenient access for cleaning, and parts subject to wear are within easy reach. A soundproof booth is available as an option.

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