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Shredder new to US market

Issue: February 2017

QR shredders Untha’s new single-shaft shredders boast maintenance-free pusher technology; a high-resolution, easy-to-use touch-screen display; and a resilient drive system that comes with a safety coupling. Depending on the model, the shredders are equipped with a ram system that pushes the material against the rotor. An easily replaced perforated screen determines the desired granulate size. 

What’s new? The shredder series, which will be available in the U.S. this year, after debuting in Europe last year.

Benefits Reliable shredding. The machine’s gears are integrated into the rotor, reducing the potential need for repairs, as the machine does not require a shaft stub. It also features a multifunctional flap that allows quick and easy access to the cutting chamber for the efficient emptying of the hopper and removal of foreign objects. The pusher is easy and safe to clean.

Untha Shredding Technology America Inc., Hampton, N.H., 603-601-2304, www.untha-america.com