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SatrindTech drive system increases torque, reduces speed

Issue: June 2017 Plastics Recycling

This story appeared in the second edition of Plastics Recycling magazine in June 2017.

M/AWG drive system: SatrindTech Srl, Arluno, Italy, has introduced a new drive system for its K-series 50-horsepower shredders. When shredders encounter tough materials, they often need to stop and reverse the conveyor to prevent mechanical damage, backing the material out and changing its position for another attempt. When shredders that are equipped with the M/AWG drive encounter tough materials, however, they pause long enough to reduce speed and increase torque to continue shredding without reversing the conveyor. SatrindTech is represented in the United States by Alan Ross Machinery.

What’s new? The drive system, which was launched in November.

Benefits: Space savings and higher production. The drive system makes the shredder all electric, eliminating the need for hydraulic power packs and reducing the machine’s maintenance costs and space requirements. In addition, production increases by about 30 percent because the unit rarely needs to reverse when it gets stuck.

Alan Ross Machinery Corp., Northbrook, Illinois, 847-480-8900, www.satrindtech.com