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PSI's vessel gear pump enhances compounding

Issue: April 2018

Vessel Gear Pump PSI’s first-ever vessel gear pump (VGP), which is mounted underneath the polymer reactor/devolatilization vessels or after large twin-screw compounding extruders, discharges a steady stream of melt directly to the pelletizer. Capable of throughputs as high as 20,000 pounds per hour, this series of pumps is configured for use in hazardous areas and also can handle other vessel applications, such as production of hot melt adhesives. They can generate high discharge pressures of both high- and low-viscosity materials, even under very-low-pressure infeeds. The shaft can accommodate both single or double mechanical seals or standard visco seals, all of which are available off the shelf from PSI.

What’s new? The VGP, which will be introduced at NPE2018.

Benefits Flexibility, toughness and floor space savings. The VGP can accommodate discharge pressures as high as 4,350 pounds per square inch and temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, with a higher-temperature version that can handle 660 degrees Fahrenheit available as an option. All versions require minimal room on the plant floor due to their small footprint.

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