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Pierrett cutting machine gets new PLC, motors

Issue: April 2018

CT60N Pierret’s high-capacity guillotine cutting machine is designed to handle soft plastic waste prior to extrusion. It features four hardened-steel compression rolls that draw the waste into the cutting chamber; a patented vibration mechanism pushes the compressed material on the feeding belt toward a fixed knife. Operators can adjust the blades using two knobs on the front panel of the machine, and they can use a lever to set cutting lengths while the machine is in operation. The machine runs on four three-phase enclosed motors.

What’s new? Numerous upgrades, including a new PLC, the replacement of hydraulic motors with servo motors for use during automatic operation modes, and the addition of a frequency inverter to control the cutting system motor. The machine’s vertical arms now are manufactured from a solid block and the electrical cabinet is more accessible. The cutting system is better balanced, and the cutting chamber has been completely enclosed to mitigate dust and noise.

Benefits Ease of use and adjustability. Mechanical changes have reduced the machine’s minimum cut length and power requirements, eliminated spikes in amperage upon starting and stopping, and increased the rigidity of the cutting system, boosting throughput. To simplify operations, the new PLC automatically calculates the third input after the operator selects two of three parameters — cutting length, cutting speed and feed-belt speed. For easy operator access, the machine features a rotating control station; as an option, it can be placed on a stand. Recent safety improvements have included the integration of safety door bars with the opening of protective shields and the addition of more robust safety switches. Gas cylinders make it easier to open and close the shields. To protect the machine, the new machine coasts — rather than brakes — to a stop, using the frequency inverter. Also, it is impossible to start the machine in the event the phases are not correct or the incoming voltage is too low.

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