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Micromat shredder has motor options

Issue: November 2017

Micromat HP Lindner’s latest addition to the Micromat line of shredders features the option of a 177- or 215-horsepower motor that can drive the rotor at speeds of up to 105 revolutions per minute. HP stands for high performance.

What’s new? The shredder, which was introduced at Fakuma in Germany and is designed for processing plastics and other types of waste. Compared with Lindner’s other Micromat models, the 2000 and 2500, the HP features a redesigned rotor and optimized Siemens control unit.

Benefits Faster shredding, low maintenance requirements and energy efficiency. The shredder’s design results in output increases of up to 30 percent compared with the 2000 and 2500. In addition, its easy-to-replace knives require less downtime, while the hydraulic maintenance door provides quick access to the rotor for removing foreign objects.

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