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Granulator more powerful, has larger chamber

Issue: April 2018

Rotoplex granulators Ranging in power consumption from 15 kilowatts (kW) to 500 kW, granulators in this Hosokawa Polymer Systems (HPS) series use a patented cross-scissor cut to quickly chop up all kinds and shapes of plastic waste, including film, lumps, scrap and flakes. It is built from solid spheroidal graphite cast iron; special designs are available.

What’s new? The addition of a larger model, the Rotoplex 125/125, that sports a larger-diameter rotor chamber for higher cutting efficiency. The machine, also known as the 125/125 RO, has a 49-inch-diameter chamber, allowing room for 12 rotor-knife rows and nine bed-knife rows. Compared with a traditional granulator configuration, which employs three rotor-knife rows and two bed-knife rows, the 125/125 RO boasts an 18-fold increase in cutting efficiency.

Benefits More cuts per rotor revolution, high throughputs, low wear and little heat generation. It also offers lower power consumption per pound of ground material.

Hosokawa Polymer Systems, Berlin, Conn., 860-828-0541, www.polysys.com