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EnStyro upgrades shredder designed for chopping mattresses

Issue: June 2017 Plastics Recycling

This story appeared in the second edition of Plastics Recycling magazine in June 2017.

Model 517: Designed for tearing through flexible urethane foams, as well as through expanded PS and PE foams, EnStyro’s shredders can produce particles small enough to pass through 0.125-inch screens. Unlike other shredders, the machine does not compact the material. This method of ripping rather than shearing achieves particles with shape and surface variations and the lowest possible density. The newest version, the Model 517, features a three-phase, 5-horsepower motor for handling tough materials, including 6-inch-thick chunks of foam mattresses. It stands 55 inches high, with a width of 31.5 inches and a depth of 50 inches. The shredder’s chute measures 10 inches wide by 8 inches high. It features a removable screen with sizes that range from 0.125 inch to 2 inches.

What’s new? The power upgrade. EnStyro previously offered only 3-horsepower shredders.

Benefits: Robust handling of tough materials.

EnStyro Inc., Cascade, Iowa, 563-542-7255, www.enstyro.com