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CMG granulator gets new features

Issue: April 2018

CMG 916 The latest granulator from CMG America has a 36-inch rotor and several features not found in the earlier 24-inch model. It has been specifically designed for recycling applications and is suitable for dry or wet grinding. The 916 has a six-plus-six, twin-shear knife configuration. Disposable knives are an interchangeable option. The motor is 200 horsepower and the 36-inch by 63-inch cutting chamber is hardened.  The 916 does not replace the 24-inch model.

What’s new? Larger size and availability of standard or disposable knives. It is Industry 4.0 compliant. Hopper size is customizable depending on the process.

Benefits Disposable knives offer cost savings up to 30 percent in installation and maintenance. The larger rotor and bigger motor give the unit a throughput up to 14,000 pounds per hour, depending on the material and other variables.

CMG America Inc., Clio, Mich., 810-686-3064, www.cmg-america.com