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Reservoir units get a new controller

Issue: June 2018

PT series Thermal Care’s line of reservoir systems for process cooling is available in a wide range of holding capacities and can be customized for specific applications. The systems come in carbon-steel, stainless-steel and fiberglass models.

What’s new? Second-generation pump controls. The upgraded controller can handle up to 15 pumps serving as many as eight cooling towers, making it suited for a wide range of system configurations. It features a durable, color touch-screen HMI that displays operating data, warnings and alarms for conditions such as high and low temperatures and low reservoir levels. Also, the controller is compatible with Connex 4.0, Thermal Care’s remote monitoring and control system, which allows users to get secure, detailed system status information via mobile devices.

Benefits Flexibility and ease of use. The new controller allows users to quickly and easily access and manage system parameters, track performance over time and troubleshoot problems.

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