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System improves distribution of liquid color

Issue: March 2016

RGInfinity Riverdale Global has extended its Sealed Color technology with this new materials handling system. The system automatically refills one or more liquid color drums during the molding or extrusion process, using a centralized container called a tote. The tote can serve one machine or be configured to refill multiple machines using the same color. The system uses a Riverdale Gravimetric Stand (RGS) to monitor the weight of color in each drum that is used. The RGS signals a pump valve on the tote when the drum is nearly empty and again when it is full. 

What’s new? The system, which Riverdale Global announced last month.

Benefits Reduced downtime, faster color changeovers and better-quality color. The technology prevents products from being molded or extruded without color or with too little color, improving overall part quality and reducing scrap. With the gravimetric control in the RGS, color is monitored and metered to within 0.1 percent of specifications.

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