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Resin monitoring system new to US

Issue: December 2015

Ryng Made to measure resin consumption in real time, Una-Dyn’s Ryng is an add-on, direct-reading device that can be mounted and collect data between any vacuum receiver and loaded vessel. While it requires no supervisory software, it is compatible with the WinFactory software system from Una-Dyn’s parent company, Piovan SpA, Santa Maria di Sala, Italy.

What’s new? Market availability. Though the system for monitoring resin consumption has been on the market in Europe for about two years, it has been available in the U.S. only since earlier this year.

Benefits Real-time data about resin consumption, allowing users to better identify inefficiencies in their systems. With the Ryng, users can make comparisons at any time between a machine’s expected and actual production, and they can correlate those results to the production lot numbers of the resins they’ve used. 

Universal Dynamics Inc., Woodbridge, Va.,703-490-7000, http://unadyn.piovan.com