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Moretto resin dryer adds moisture meter manager

Issue: March 2018

Eureka Plus Moretto’s Eureka Plus resin drying system features the company’s OTX drying hopper, Flowmatik dynamic airflow management device and its X Max high-performance, multi-bed dryer. Eureka Plus integrates seamlessly with Moretto’s Smart Factory 4.0 software and features the company’s Mowis HMI, which allows for remote monitoring. The system is appropriate for use with injection molding, extrusion and other processes that require control of resin moisture.

What’s new? The addition of a new device, the Moisture Meter Manager, which is a real-time moisture analyzer. It provides in-line measurement of each pellet’s residual moisture and uses that data to adapt the process on the fly. This allows the dryer to operate based on the actual condition of the polymer at any given time. The Moisture Meter Manager consists of two components: the crown, which measures the initial moisture of the resin, and the box, which checks whether the resin was dried correctly. Moretto’s Moisture Meter Control software manages the collected data.

Benefits Reduced energy consumption and better drying, especially for PET. The system also provides real-time quality control and eliminates the need for off-line moisture analysis.

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