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Intravis system inspects labels from all sides at once

Issue: October 2015

LabelWatcher 360 This quality-control system from Intravis is able to inspect the labeling on cylindrical containers, regardless of their orientation as they move along the production line. The system can check for the presence of a label, the measurement of label offset, print errors, folds, bubbles and tears. LabelWatcher 360 can inspect 10 containers per second and has the ability to handle pressure-sensitive, injection-molded, sleeve, print and heat-transferred labels. 

What’s new? The ability to inspect cylindrical containers from all sides at once. Using four cameras, LabelWatcher creates a 360-degree image, which is oriented and compared to a reference sample using the company’s proprietary algorithm.

Benefits Simple, fast quality control of labeled cylindrical containers without regard to their orientation. 

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