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Dryers gain upgraded control, display

Issue: K in Focus November 2016

KKT dryers Werner Koch has upgraded its line of Koch-Technik-brand mobile dryers. The KKTs can generate air with a dew point of -31 degrees Fahrenheit, or 0.19 grams of water per 35.3 cubic feet, making them especially adept at handling hygroscopic plastics, such as polyphenylene sulfide, polysulfone and PEEK. Featuring a pair of drying circuits that operate independently, the dryers make possible working temperatures as hot as 356 degrees Fahrenheit. Models are available in three sizes, with dry-air flow rates of about 1,942, 2,649 and 3,531 cubic feet per hour.

What’s new? A control and touch-screen interface that guides the user through menus dealing with the dryer’s operation. The enhanced control and display, which made their debut at the K show, feature a program devised to cut energy consumption.

Benefits User-friendliness. The new control and interface provide users convenient access to information about operating status and make it easy for them to adjust conditions based on parameters such as drying time, temperature and dwell time. In addition, by adapting the drying process to conserve energy usage, the new Eco program can significantly cut costs.

Hall 10/A21, Werner Koch Maschinentechnik GmbH, Ispringen, Germany, 49-7231-8009, www.koch-technik.com