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CO2 dosing units available in US

Issue: January 2016

Promix Z series The latest CO2 dosing units for foam extrusion from Promix Solutions provide standard mass flow rates of 10 to 12,000 grams per hour, depending on the capacity of the line and the required foam density. The units interface with the extruder to synchronize mass flow with extruder output. Maximum operating pressure is about 5,800 pounds per square inch (psi). Users can exchange gas bottles during operation. 

What’s new? Introduction to the U.S. market; the dosing units have been available in Europe for almost two years.

Benefits Accurate dosing, reliability and easy operation. The integrated CO2 pre-cooler ensures accurate gas dosing, which is key to producing high-quality foam. The user can set limits for process control via a 12-inch touchscreen. 

Promix Solutions LLC, Doylestown, Pa., 215-348-4668, www.promix-solutions.com