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Portable dryer offers a new cooling option

Issue: May 2018

X series This new series of portable resin dryers is part of the latest generation of Carousel Plus desiccant dryers from Conair. Dryers in the X series come in a range of sizes with throughputs from 15 to 400 pounds per hour. They are equipped with efficient desiccant wheels, long-life tube heaters and powerful blowers to convey hot, dry air into a dryer hopper.

What’s new? Numerous features, including an air-to-air after-cooling option and a new controller. After-cooling reduces the temperature of the air returning from the drying hopper, which improves the moisture-absorption efficiency of the desiccant. Air-to-air after-cooling means no water hookup is needed, maximizing dryer portability, and making installation and setup faster and easier. The unit can efficiently handle return-air temperatures of up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit. The new, programmable electronic controller comes in two versions: the DC-C Plus package with a 4-inch touch-screen interface; and the DC-C Premium, which has a 7-inch screen. Both offer dewpoint monitoring and control, energy-use reporting, heater on-time trending and predictive maintenance features. The Plus configuration is designed for use with one loader, while the Premium can handle two, typically with one loader serving the primary processing machine and another serving the dryer hopper. Premium models have additional energy-savings features, including temperature setback, which automatically adjusts drying air input temperatures to avoid overheating, and an optional drying monitor, which uses sensors in the hopper to confirm that proper drying conditions are maintained. Premium units also offer remote access and control capabilities and enhanced monitoring and alarm functions.

Benefits Superior resin drying, energy efficiency and flexibility via the easy-to-use controls and reliable components that maximize performance, uptime and energy efficiency. Additionally, X series dryers are housed in a new, space-efficient chassis that offers easier, more direct access to key components and filters.

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