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Novatec dryer targets sensitive resins

Issue: April 2018

NITROdry This press-side resin dryer from Novatec is targeted at sensitive resins — such as nylons, polybutylene terephthalate, polylactic acid and TPUs — that can suffer degradation during prolonged exposure to heat in the presence of oxygen. The self-contained system’s internal membrane removes moisture and oxygen from standard compressed air. At a dew point of minus 75 degrees Fahrenheit, nitrogen displaces the oxygen and circulates through the  drying hopper, which means that resins can be dried at higher temperatures. This reduces exposure times.

What’s new? The dryer, which is hitting the market next month. It initially will be available in models with hourly throughputs of 7, 25 and 50 pounds.

Benefits High-quality, dry resin. The NITROdry, which is safe for use with all types of resins, eliminates the inconvenience and expense of buying and handling nitrogen tanks. It also removes the danger of releasing a large quantity of pure nitrogen into the air, because the gas is produced only at the rate at which it is needed. The system comes with a five-year warranty and provides a low cost of ownership.

Novatec Inc., Baltimore, 410-789-4811, www.novatec.com