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Westeria Fördertechnik's materials-distribution unit handles heavy contaminants

Issue: October 2017

DiscSpreader This materials-distribution system from Westeria Fördertechnik GmbH, Ostbevern, Germany, is suitable for use with a wide variety of materials and separation processes in recycling facilities. For example, plastics recyclers can use it to spread film, bottles and containers in a single layer onto a conveyor belt to ready them for sorting. The patented system distributes the material evenly across the entire width of downstream equipment, whether a feed conveyor for an optical sorter, a screen or an eddy current system.

What’s new? An upgraded, spring-loaded drive system that is better able to handle heavy contaminants such as rocks or pieces of metal. The DiscSpreader is available in the U.S. through eFactor3.

Benefits Uniform material distribution for improved sorting. Unlike vibrating tables, which can need frequent cleaning to remove sticky residues such as grease, soda or shampoo, the DiscSpreader is self-cleaning — residue is continually removed by recyclables hitting the rotating discs. The compact system can easily be retrofitted to existing recycling lines, and can be mounted in a variety of ways, including directly on top of the feed belt of an optical sorter. This can eliminate the need for conveyors, vibrating tables and the structures that support them, saving space and money.  

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