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Stainless steel loaders from IMS are reliable, easy to use

Issue: July 2017

Stainless steel loaders These new material loaders from IMS come in three sizes, with hopper-mounted and throat-mounted versions. The loaders feature a quiet, 1.4-horsepower vacuum motor with replaceable brushes, sound-deadening motor hood and a sight glass. The self-cleaning cloth filter has a reinforced, stainless-steel support screen; a safety screen in the lid prevents resin pellets from destroying the motor in the event of filter damage. Prices start at $1,105.

What’s new? The product line, which became available in April.

Benefits Ease of use and reliable performance. The loaders are simple to install and program and have an easy-to-read control panel. The hinged lid with quick-release clamps allows for fast filter changes, while a similar clamp makes it easy to clean the sight glass. The no-load alarm and strobe light help users avoid downtime.

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