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Slide-plate screen changer boasts effective seals

Issue: July 2015

Slide plate screen changer seals The new seals for Nordson Xaloy’s slide-plate screen changers have been designed to withstand extremes. They are available on both manual and hydraulic slide-plate screen changers and can be retrofitted on existing equipment. The seals have been used successfully with many grades of polyolefins, styrenics and engineering polymers over a wide range of melt indices.

What’s new? Proprietary design that provides sealing effectiveness at low and high pressures, temperatures and viscosities. 

Benefits Greater resilience and significant improvement in performance with low-viscosity materials in comparison with earlier sealing systems. With the seals, slide-plate screen changers can perform reliably at temperatures as hot as 650 degrees Fahrenheit, pressures up to 7,500 pounds per square inch and viscosities as low as 15 pascal seconds, or 15,000 centipoise. 

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