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Sicon's separating system introduced to U.S. market

Issue: April 2016 Plastics Recycling

This story appeared in the inaugural edition of Plastics Recycling magazine in April 2016.

Polyfloat Sicon’s Polyfloat system uses water to separate mixed plastics, such as PVC, ABS, PS and polyolefins. Plastic particles float to the top or sink because of their specific densities. Various equipment options, such as surface rakes, a rabbling mechanism and floor-scraper discharge, make the system suitable for various feedstocks, including films and flakes, and differing particle sizes. The system also has a dissolving station and mechanical drying line. A pretreatment system for washing mixed plastics also is available.

What’s new? Introduction to the U.S. market. Sicon has been selling Polyfloat in Europe for three years and now has adjusted the feedstock preparation portion of the system to accommodate the coarse plastic flake typically available in the U.S.

Benefits High product yields and purity levels greater than 99 percent. Small particles down to 0.5 millimeters can be separated, unlike with near-infrared sorting.

Sicon America, Alpharetta, Georgia, 678-527-1432, www.sicon-usa.de