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Pro-Clean dosing system heading to North America

Issue: April 2018

Pro-Clean Plast-Control’s newest gravimetric dosing system minimizes material losses when changing materials or colors. The hopper has a conical shape that prevents the buildup of dust and residue that happens in systems with a common shut-off-valve design. It is available with the Pro-Drain option, in which a vacuum system transports unused granules to a separate bin before synchronized blasts of compressed air automatically clean the dosing unit at the end of an order.

What’s new? The system, which will be making its North American debut in May.  

Benefits Less wasted material due to the hopper’s conical design, and a reduction in labor and maintenance costs thanks to automated cleaning. To save time, the Pro-Clean’s software calculates the exact amount of material needed for a job so the weighing hoppers are empty when the order is complete.

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