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New software provides precise control of Orbetron feeders

Issue: December 2017

Series 50, 100 and 150 Named for the diameter of their feeding discs in millimeters, these Orbetron feeders are designed for dosing materials, such as additives and colors, at rates of 200 grams per hour or less. They rely on a particularly thin feed tube to ensure that materials that tend to clump or fall unevenly, such as cornstarch or talc, flow properly into the feed throat of an injection molding machine or extruder. Standard discs for the 50 and 100 feeders feature a choice of six, 12 or 24 holes, while the 150 also comes with the option of 48 holes. Both gravimetric and volumetric feeders are available.

What’s new? Addition of new software that allows the motor to better match the agitation movement with the flowability of the material in the feeders.

Benefits Precise control over the flow of minute-dose materials. The new software gives operators even more control over material agitation. Additionally, the feeders’ unique design makes them compact enough to fit into areas where standard auger and vibratory feeders would not work.

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