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New gravimetric blenders boast precision

Issue: April 2018

XGB This series of gravimetric blenders from Xiecheng can be used to precisely mix materials for injection molding machines, blow molding machines and extruders. The blenders employ a touch-screen HMI that can store up to 500 recipes and can retain setting data even when power is shut off. Each model in the series can be customized to handle two to eight ingredients, depending on customers’ needs. The main material in a batch can constitute 5 percent to 100 percent of the total recipe, and the amount of the least-used ingredients can make up between 0.5 percent and 10 percent of the blend. The XGB200-4 — a unit that can handle four ingredients — is pictured.

What’s new? A next-generation, single-chip microprocessor and upgrades to the weighing valve and PLC touch-screen controller. A USB port has also been added.

Benefits Powerful, rapid and precise blending. The upgrades make the blenders more accurate, and enable them to save more recipes.

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