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NBE bag discharger handles pellets, flakes and powders

Issue: April 2018

Bulk bag discharging system Suitable for use with pellets, flakes and powders, this discharger from National Bulk Equipment (NBE) includes a closed-cycle dust-recovery system that pulls the bag into a taut, conical shape as material flows from the bulk bag through the bag-spout interface.

What’s new? The setup. Like all NBE machines, the bulk bag discharger on display at NPE2018 is custom-built.

Benefits Prevention of contamination, reduced material loss and protection against dust for workers and equipment. The system prevents material from being released into the work area, or left in the bulk bag, where it would be wasted. When paired with a flexible screw conveying system, it can achieve feed rates of 6,000 pounds per hour.

National Bulk Equipment Inc., Holland, Mich., 616-399-2220, www.nbe-inc.com