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Motan's dosing system uses massage rollers instead of agitators

Issue: July 2017

Spectroflex V Motan’s new line of volumetric dosing units uses massage rollers, rather than mechanical agitators, to dose powders, pellets, regrind, flakes and fibers into continuous processes. A variety of interchangeable modules, including single-, double-, spiral- and auger-screw versions, are available for the system, allowing users to change configurations easily, depending on the application. In all, 16 models are available, including four each for free-flowing pellets (FG series), free-flowing powders (FP series), non-free-flowing powders (NP series) and non-free-flowing regrind (NR series).

What’s new? The line, which Motan announced in April.

Benefits Ease of use and flexibility. Users can perform material changeovers in less than a minute without disassembling other parts, thanks to the dosing units’ flexible hoppers. In addition, because the single- and twin-screw modules are interchangeable, the feeder can be configured easily for nearly any type of material.

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